PrudensPoms Darlene Pruden
PH# I PREFER EMAILS PLEASE RR 2 Box 272 Butler Mo 64730 400$ non refundable Postal money orders only
SALES Contract for: _________________________________________
Registration Number : _________________________________________
Date of Birth : _______________________________________________
Sire: _______________________________________________________
Dam : ______________________________________________________
Purchase Price : ______________________________________________
This Pomeranian Puppy is being sold with No warranties, either expressed or
implied, in As is condition with no guarantees other than those stated herein.
Puppies go to their new homes between 12-16 weeks of age, shipping expenses
are the responsibility of the buyer. The Buyer has 72 hours from the date of
shipping to have this puppy checked by a vet of their choice at their own expense
if the vet exam reveals that the Pomeranian is diseased or has a genetic defect,
the buyer may send this puppy back at their expense for a replacement puppy of equal value.
It is agreed that at no time will the owner sell or give this puppy or any of the
offspring to a pet store, puppy mill operator, a dog pound, or a dog broker or
any similar enterprise. If you find you can no longer keep this Pomeranian
please email me so that I may assist you in finding a suitable home.
Puppy must be spayed or neutered before rehomeing.
Thankyou For purchasing a Prudens Pom.
Having read the above, and with full understanding of the contents herein, I willingly
enter into this agreement.
New Owner__________________________________________________________
Phone Number_______________________________________________________
Seller: ______________________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________________