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City's Pushing Up Daiseys

Daisey is new here at prudenspoms she has a huge coat and sweet disposition,sound body. she has a chocolate father and a black and white mother we look forward to getting some chocolate and some partys from this girl.Thank you Annett and Tracey of City Poms nicest people youd ever meet

Citys Pushin up Daiseys,org/white feet Iskatos chocolate trasured pure heart, chlt Hembrees others only wish of iskato, chlt -n- Tan Hembrees Treasure macho man, chlt n tan Heartlands treasured son, org sbl
Underwoods noogie, chlt sbl
Hembrees precious, chlt n tan Terimars toby, chlt
Hembrees luck be a lady, chlt n tan
TLC Charlotte, cream TLC Dashing romeo, blk n tan Showins classic romance romeo, org sbl
Showins black and tan raison, blk n tan
Exotic kit kisses, chlt Heartlands knight rider, blk
Legacys exotic brown sugar, chlt
Lisas city of motoko major. blk -n-white party Chars mias he walks in the light. org sbl party CH Finchs Chars spellbound party. org sbl party CH finchs peacemaker party,org
Finchs come party with me,blk party
Chars almost a party, blk party Star Haven Count Basie, chocolate
Finchs chars rumor of a party, org party
Finches wanna be party. blk /white mkgs CH Finchs chars making waves party, blk party CH Finchs peacemaker party,org
Finchs come party with me, blk party
Raffinan Demi Party o finchs, chlt party Aldens Mascarade party domino,blk party
Raffinans inky jet,blk party
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